Cactus Dust Pork Butt

I wanted to share with you a spice I found in my Publix this week. Everglades Cactus Dust. Its a mesquite flavor with a hint of bacon. Its a mild spice but tastes incedible.

I bought a pork butt, my apologies I’m not sure how big but it filled my entire 8 quart cast iron pot. Added some water about 1 inch from the bottom. Covered the entire pork with pepper then the cactus dust. After that I sliced an entire yellow onion and scattered it all over. Placed the lid on and slow cooked it at 275° for 4 hours. 

Once the time ended, I took it out of the oven, keep the lid on and let it rest for 30 minutes or so. 

During that time I put together ratatouli in my cast iron fry pan. 

After the ratatouli was just about finished, I removed the pork, set it on a serving platter, skimmed the onions and fat away from the drippings and made a homemade gravy. 

The pork was pull apart perfect. No need to slice, just pull what you need. Garnish with the cooked onions, gravy and ratatouli. 

You can find the recipe for Ratatouli on my blog under side dishes.

Serve warm.


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