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Mother Nature and Sun Sets

Mother nature is absolutely incredible. I am so thankful everyday that she shares her beauty with all of us.


Dare to be You

Life is complicated as it is. Stop trying to be someone else to please others. Just please yourself. You are the only one that matters, everyone else will follow. 

The Color of Purple

The color purple relates to the imagination and spirituality and allows us to get in touch with our deepest thoughts. The difference between violet and purple is that violet is displayed in the visible light spectrum, while purple is simply a mixture of red and blue. Violet vibrations are the highest in the visible spectrum. Although violet is not quite as intense as purple, their essence is the same. Generally speaking, the names are interchangeable and the meaning of the colors are the same. Both colors contain energy and strength from the color red, with spirituality and integrity from the color blue. The colors symbolize the union of body and soul, which creates a balance between our physical and spiritual energies.

Information was found by: Color Meaning

Please visit this site for more valuable information of the meaning of color and the shade of purple. 

Truley an incredible color and flower.

Mother nature is amazing each and everyday. She puts so much detail in everything she offers us. 

I’m am so very thankful that I can capture these beautiful moments with hopes that each of us can be grateful even just for a moment for what we have. ❤

Morning Rain Drops

Mother nature is absolutely incredible. To think that something so soft and fragile can still be just as beautiful after a long morning of nothing but rain. 

It makes me wonder that no matter what life throws you, you wake up the next day try to forget what’s wrong, forget the past, focus on the good, be thankful for what you have and hope that today will be even better then the last. 


Most people go to the beach to lay in the sun till they are crispy like bacon, put their toes in the sand or jump into the ocean waves. 

I go to try to understand myself and to try to make peace with in me.

I go to think about my purpose and why I am here. I go to think about my kids, I hope that each decsion I make for them, the guidance I try to provide is right. My family and their future. I think about my love life and if there is a man out there for me. 

Then I wonder as I have sat there now for over an hour, I’ve cried, smiled and with hopes that no one that passes by sees me, I think about why the waves are so much bigger today, what causes this to happen. How beautiful the clouds are, how peaceful it is. The breeze, the smell of the ocean and the sand between my toes. 

I then think how I am so very lucky to be so close to the water, I can sit and just think, understand my purpose, my life, no I never get answers, I probably never will. I just hope that one day I will have someone to sit with me in this very spot so we can think together and not worry about getting answers, just to think. 

I drive home knowing that tomorrow when I wake up, I’m still going to have the same questions.

It is never ending.

Mother Natures Tiny Works of Art

There is a tiny little church that’s visit from time to time. It holds so much history. One day I’ll post about it. Around the church are beautiful flower gardens with various flowers. 

These tiny beauties are by the side of the church. They have such incredible detail. So simple and sweet in such a tiny flower.

The Beautiful Magnolia

I am extremely lucky to have these beautiful flowers where I live. Every year I take plenty of photos, I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy. I don’t mind. 😊 This year I may have taken about 22 pictures. These are just a few of my favorites.

Not only do they hold such beauty but their fragrance is heavenly.

Next time you see one, stop and admire. They don’t last long, but their time with us is truley worth it.